Historical Studies – Origins of Capitalism

Genesis of Capital (Self-Valorizing Value): Formal Subsumption and the Bourgeois Revolution

Genesis of Capital: Addenda (Three Manuscript Studies)

Political Studies – War and Revolution

Bolshevism and Stalinism (Urgeschichte): Revolution and CounterRevolution in the Era of Capital’s Epochal Transition from Formal to Real Domination

Civil War and Revolution in America

Critique of Capitalist Civilization

Theory of the Rupture: Studies on Productivism, Class and Consciousness, and Marx’s Capital

The Critique of Science: Historical, Materialist and Dialectical Studies on the Relation of the Modern Science of Nature to the Bourgeoisie and Capital

Some Premises, Some Conclusions
Evolutionary-Anthropological and Philosophical Grounds of the Critical Analysis of Capitalism
Deep Past Reconstruction Yields a Perspective on the Temporal Totality, Past, Present and Future

Origins and Endings: Human Genesis and Formation, Archaism and the State, Capital and Planetary Crisis

for the Critical Study of Societies of Capital

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